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================================================================= EDUFAX Independent Schools List - General Information

The list provides direct links to Independent Secondary Schools (Grade 9 to PG) in the USA.
As of JUNE, 2007, 259 independent schools from 40 states have entered their listing.
Direct links include: e-mail addresses and/or school Internet home pages. Mailing addresses and phone/fax numbers are also listed.
All entries have been provided and approved by the schools and are listed here with their permission.
Reproduction and distribution of this list are permitted for non-profit purposes only - please contact EDUFAX.

Schools are categorized by:
================================================================= June, 2007. New entries are encouraged. Submission is FREE. Please submit a new entry or revision as quickly as possible to keep the list effective and current. For questions about submitting your school to the ISL, read the FAQ. The list is revised and updated frequently. EDUFAX will respond promptly to questions or comments about the list.
Schools can continue to submit revisions at any time, as needed. We continue to accept new entries and the ISL is continuously updated. Your school doesn't have to have an Internet home page to be included in the ISL; an e-mail address is sufficient. To schools who have submitted an entry data: If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail message from EDUFAX within 5 work days, the e-mail address you submitted may be incorrect or your server may be be temporarily dysfunctional. You may need to resubmit your school entry data.

Instructions for submitting your school to the EDUFAX Independent Schools List (ISL)

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