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The EDUFAX Educational FAQ

I am interested in RETURNING to school.....

List of Topics:
The numbers game
Credit for life/work experience
How will colleges respond to my transcript?
I have a Learning Disability...

  1. I graduated from high school in 1985. I would like to become a certified teacher. I am married with children and my household income is below average. I can only attend part-time or nightly. What are my options ?
  2. I am over 21 years old and have decided to return to school. How should I start the process ?
  3. What steps should an adult who has worked for several years, but never attended college, take to get a college degree ?
  4. I am a single parent and have worked in a factory to support my children. Now that they are grown up and independent, I have the freedom to go to school. Everything I see is for young people going from high school to college. Where can older people, who are many years after school, go for help or advice for returning to school?
  5. I have been in the military for five years and am now interested in going to college, but I don't know what I want to study. I do not want to go to a college and one day find out that what I want to study is not taught there. How do I find out about different majors and how long it takes to get a degree in that major? How can I learn about what classes are required for certain degrees and what colleges offer them? Please help!
  6. I graduated from high school but did not go to college. I am now 30 years old and would like to do so. Where do I begin and what steps do I need to take?
  7. I have been out of school longer than I was in it. I find myself wondering what classes I would take if I were to return to school. Is there an aptitude test for the over 40 crowd which will help identify our strengths? an IQ test?
  8. I am 39 years old. I joined the Navy before graduating from high school. Some of the Navy courses were supposed to carry college credits. I have passed the GED and I want to go to college. What should I do?
  9. I am interested in information on senior eduction. I have heard that some colleges offer free education for seniors.
  10. I have turned 50. I now want to return to college. I had one semester in junior college from way back in 1968. I would like to become a school librarian. How do I start?
  11. I graduated from high school in 1969, 1/2 a credit short of the requirements (a non-mandatory credit). I also took the SAT in 1969. How do I get into college now?
  12. I have been a paralegal for 12 years. I now want to become an attorney. I have an AA degree and some credits towards a BA. What is my best plan of action?

  1. I am 30 years old. I have taken classes in a community college but never completed my AA To get into a university do I take the SATs or do I first complete my AA ?
  2. I am looking for colleges which do not require the SAT or the ACT.
  3. How can I access my old PSAT & SAT scores?
  4. I'm looking for a listing test prep (SAT) books and CD-ROMS available on the Internet.

  1. I took the ACT in the 60's and am planning to return to school. Will I need to retake the ACT ?
  2. I am 30 years old and have decided to become a Dental Hygienist. I have been told I need to take the ACT. I am very concerned because I have been out of school for 12 years. What should I do ?
  3. I am looking for colleges which do not require the SAT or the ACT.
  4. I am interested in returning to college. I took the ACT 10 years ago. Do I need to retake the test?
  5. I'm looking for a listing test prep (ACT) books and CD-ROMS available on the Internet.

  1. What are the requirements for the GED?
  2. I'm looking for a listing test prep (GED) books and CD-ROMS available on the Internet.

Credit for life/work experience
  1. I am 41 years old and have about two years of college credit from the 1970's. For the past six years I have been a teacher. I wish to complete my college degree. Can I receive credit for my teaching experience?
  2. Which schools give credit for life experience toward earning a degree?

How will colleges respond to my transcript?
  1. I had a shaky college background before entering the Marine Corps, but have since matured. I am now leaving the Marines for college and am worried whether I should cover up my past.
  2. I dropped out of high school in my senior year. Through a special agreement with my high school, I will be attending community college to earn credits towards a high school diploma. How do you think colleges will respond to my nontraditional transcripts?
  3. I am 21 years old. I was dismissed from one college after the first year and placed on academic probation at a second college. I returned home after the first semester because of financial difficulties. I was unsuccessful at a local community college, again for academic reasons. I really want to resume my education. It is the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. My fear is that I will not be able to find a college that will accept me because of my academic record. What is your advice?
  4. I am 32 years old. I have a transcript that is a decade old from my jock/party college days. It is killing my current grade point average and does not reflect my present ability as a strong A & B student. My SAT scores are respectable. Is it possible to "drop" a transcript after 10 years or must we "pay for the sins of our youth forever"?

The numbers game
  1. I am 32 years old. I have college credits from two CSU campuses; my grades were Cs & Bs. I am interested in "dropping back in" to college. Can I get into the UC system, or even Harvard?
  2. I dropped out of college after my third year, due to personal reasons. I have been out of school working and traveling abroad for 3 years and would now like to resume my education. I am afraid my GPA will haunt me. I now live in Connecticut. How can I make a fresh start?
  3. I went to college after high school, but did not finish my degree. I am 2 credits shy of finishing junior year and am now 30 years old and want to finish my college degree. How long do I have before my credits are "no good" anymore?

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