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The EDUFAX Educational FAQ


List of Topics:
I am a high school student...
I am a college student...
The Applications & the Essays
I have a pre-high school child...
I want to go back to school...
Choosing a college
Independent/Private school for LD

  1. I am a student with Learning disabilities entering 10th grade. I cannot take college prep courses, but want to go to college. I need to pick high school courses that will be accepted by colleges. I need help !
  2. I have a learning disability. I went to a private school, took all the required courses and credits. However, I did not pass my High School Exit exam and received a Specialized Education Diploma. Now I am having difficulties in getting into college. Please help! ?
  3. My daughter is visually impaired. She works very hard. She has been told by her teachers that she should not be collegebound. If she gets the Special Education Diploma (SPED) will she be able to get into any college? Please Help !

The Applications & the Essays
  1. I don't get any support services in high school, although I have been tested learning disabled. Should I declare my disabilities when I apply to college ?
  2. I have LD, am in all honors courses and have all A's. However my SAT scores are not as good. I have taken the SAT twice, and scored 1040 & 1010. Can I apply to colleges without reporting my scores ?
  3. I have a learning disability that makes my reading and writing really slow. I often receive lower grades on my English and History papers because I turn my work in late. On the other hand, I usually get all A's in Math and Science. My combined SAT score is 1520; my GPA = 3.48. If I explain my LD in my college applications, will the discrepancies hurt my chances of being accepted ?
  4. I have a learning disability. I did a semester program away from home. Because I work more slowly than my peers, I did not have time to finish my work while I was at the program. My grades dropped significantly from what they had been at my home school, although the curriculum was not more difficult. If I explain the circumstances to the colleges, will it improve my chances for admission ?

I am a high school student...
  1. Where would one find available college scholarships for high school seniors who have learning disabilities?
  2. I am a rising senior. I have dyslexia, dysgraphia and difficulty in word retrieval and processing issues. I think I am pretty bright. I do well at school with a lot of support. I play soccer and softball and am a member of the swim team. I am involved in student government and volunteer with autistic kids in a local community center. I love small kids and work at a day camp and an after-school program. I want to go to a regular college.
  3. My daughter will be a senior in high school. She has a learning disability: her reading are writing are delayed. However, she has A's & B's in her special ed classes. She has completed one year at the Early Childhood Ed Program, at the Auburn Career Center. We would like to find a college that supports her needs.
  4. I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. I have a high verbal IQ (140) and a lower performance IQ. My high school GPA=2.8. Will any colleges accept me? What colleges should I apply to ?
  5. I am a senior. My LD has kept my grades and test scores down, course choices simple, and extra-curricular activites to a minimum. However, I have been told I have a great personality. I have lots of friends and am liked by my teachers. Are there any special strategies you would suggest to help me get into the college of my choice ?
  6. I have ADD. What documentation do I need in order to receive extended time for the PSAT or SAT ?
  7. Are public schools required to have a special program for dyslexia? And are there any guidelines that are mandated ?
  8. Are there special accommodations for students with ADD taking the ACT ?
  9. Where can I get information about accommodations for LD students taking the PSAT/SAT ?
  10. Are there any programs to assist dyslexic students in preparing for the SAT ?
  11. My son recently took the SAT I and did not do well (800 combined). In contrast, he did better on the PSAT (over 1,000) and is in honors courses. What should he do to improve his scores ?
  12. How do I apply for extended time for the SAT or ACT tests ?
  13. I have a learning disability and receive extended test time. Will it affect my chances of receiving the National Merit Scholarship ?
  14. My daughter has a math-related LD. Her grades in Algebra and Geometry have been C & D. Should she take Trigonometry in her senior year ?
  15. I am a ADD student in public high school. I am interested in film production, architectural drawing and computer animation. There are no classes in these subjects in my school. My grades are in the B to C range. I do not know if I am college material, but I would very much like to pursue a career in one of these fields. Where do I go from here ?
  16. My son is learning disabled. He has a processing problem. He transposes letters, has to reread lessons to comprehend, and has difficulty understanding concepts, especially math and science. He also has been diagnosed as ADHD, which, of course, makes for limited organizational skills and difficulty in focusing on tasks. Our local public school has implemented block scheduling, and I shudder to think of him having to sit in the same class for 1 1/2 hours. I intend to meet the Special Education Director. Do you have any suggestions ?
  17. My GPA=C+. I have taken 4 years of French, Math, Science and English, including some AP classes, so I have taken the standard collegebound full class load. I am also on 2 swim teams, I volunteer in the community and have been working at the same place for 6 years. I am a lifeguard and teach swimming. Although I try very hard, my SAT scores are terrible (380/380). I do not test well. How do I know which colleges are prepared to help me with my LD ?

Independent/Private school for LD
  1. I am trying to find an independent day school in either Oregon or Washington that addresses the educational needs of students with non-verbal learning disabilities. Do you know of any such schools in those states with solid reputations? Do you have a listing of schools for students with non-verbal learning disabilities (NLDs) ?
  2. Our son is attending public school and has been diagnosed as LD since first grade. We feel he is not receiving the assistance he needs and are looking into enrolling him into the Hyde School, in Bath, Maine. How can we get the public school system to pay for the tuition ?
  3. Are there residential schools for an LD student who is not quite ready for the transition to college? Vocational counseling would be ideal.
  4. We have a 4th grade daughter with diagnosed LD, and are exploring private schools. What are the private schools in Connecticut that accept LD students or work exclusively with LD children ?
  5. My son is having problems in public school and we are considering transferring him to a private boarding school where he can receive individualized attention. We are also considering having him repeat his 10th grade year at the private school. Would the repeat year be detrimental to his college application ?
  6. My son has NLD. I have been looking at Eagle Hill in Greenwich, CT. The school offers a "language immersion program" and support in sports and clubs. I am also looking at the Lab School in Washington, DC. What is your opinion ?
  7. My son is visually impaired. We would like to send him to a private high school. We live in New England. What schools can you recommend ?

I am a college student...
  1. I am a college student in a sorority. We have an academic policy which may enable the sorority to vote me out due to my low GPA. I have been diagnosed with ADD. Is this legal? Doesn't ADD fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ?
  2. I attend a state college. I am learning disabled. My main disability is recall. I have been failing my exams because the professors will not allow me take open-book exams, because they believe it would be cheating. I have asked the accommodations department to assist me, but they cannot make the professors change the school policy, which is not have open-book exams unless the entire class is doing so. Shouldn't open-book exams be included in my accommodations, if my disability requires it? What should I do ?
  3. Do public universities allow students with Learning Disabilities to register early for classes ?

I have a pre-high school child...
  1. My grandson has been diagnosed as dyslexic. How can we verify this diagnosis? What type of educational programs are available for him ?
  2. My 11 year old son has been recently diagnosed as LD in reading/writing. I realize it is too early to discuss post-high school education, but can you give us any insight into the type of accommodations we can expect from colleges ?
  3. Is there any way I can help my 9 year old LD son prepare for the IOWA test? I cannot find a copy of the test to review in advance.
  4. Is it possible for an eight year old child to have a Verbal IQ of 148 and a Performance IQ of 110 because of little exposure to problem solving and critical thinking? At the present time he has been diagnosed as having a nonverbal learning disability ?
  5. Is a child with Bi-Polar and ADD/ADHD considered to have a learning disability? He passed an evaluation of scholastic abilities but is having behavior and focusing difficulties that interfere with his ability to function in mainstream education. The school is denying him services because he has the mental capacity to pass the classes. He has been suspended a total of 93 days this year alone. How can I get help for my son ?
  6. My daughter's school has requested psychoeducational testing. Is there a federal law that states who has the financial responsibility for the cost of testing? Please let me know where I can read that law for myself ?

I want to go back to school...
  1. I am 50 years old and am positive I have a learning disability. I have difficulties with abstract problems and cannot do simple Algebra. I have finished a graduate program but cannot graduate until I fulfill my math requirement. Is it too late to do something about my learning disability and what recourses do I have ?
  2. My husband is interested in returning to school. He dropped out of ninth grade due to what we now understand to be a learning difficulty. He has recently been diagnosed as having ADD. He wants to take the GED but I have suggested he first be tested for LD so that he can identify what areas need special attention. I do not want to advise him incorrectly. I realize he needs to experience immediate small successes or he will become further discouraged and frustrated. What avenue shall we take ?
  3. I spent one year in college and then took a year off. I have dysgraphia, dyslexia and ADD. I would like to return to school. I now live in Rhode Island. Please help!

Choosing a college
  1. My daughter has dyslexia and dysgraphia. She is a senior, completing her GED and taking a BOCES conservation course this year. She would like to become a veterinary technician. Should she apply to Landmark College, or should she attend a supportive two year school?
  2. My daughter will be a senior in high school. She has a learning disability: her reading are writing are delayed. However, she has A's & B's in her special ed classes. She has completed one year at the Early Childhood Ed Program, at the Auburn Career Center. We would like to find a college that supports her needs.
  3. I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. I have a high verbal IQ (140) and a lower performance IQ. My high school GPA=2.8. Will any colleges accept me? What colleges should I apply to ?
  4. How can I find out what colleges have good learning disabilities programs ?
  5. What are the best colleges for students with ADD and are there scholarships available ?
  6. Is there a directory where I can find about services available to LD students who want to go to college ?
  7. Which colleges have the needs of LD students included in their programs ?
  8. I am looking for colleges in Iowa that provide good LD programs ?
  9. I have a learning disability and have major problems getting into a mainstream college. I have been told by Landmark College that I am "too together". What do you suggest ?
  10. Are there any colleges in the New York City area that provide for LD students ?
  11. Please list colleges and universities in Ohio that have programs for LD students.
  12. Which schools in Pennsylvania have programs for students with LD ?
  13. Which colleges in Florida offer Learning Disability (LD) services, in contrast to comprehensive LD programs, as offered at Lynn University ?
  14. My daughter has ADD and is trying very hard to get into college. She is extremely bright but has great difficulties in the public school she attends. In the past 2 years she has succeeded in going from failing to high grades. However, her final GPA will be low and will not truly reflect her intellect. How can she apply to a good college ?
  15. My daughter was turned down from the college of her choice due to lack of math skills and an ACT=19. She has a mild LD. We are looking for a college in Missouri.
  16. I am a high school senior with a learning disability. I would like to know how much help can I get from the 3 colleges I have chosen: Regis University in Denver, CO, Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA and Muskingum College in OH.
  17. My daughter has LD. The college she is interested in offers a Tutoring Center, but in order to pass the finals, she will need a personal tutor. How can she get a tutor assigned to her ?
  18. How do 4 year liberal arts colleges consider an applicant with a learning disability who has GPA of 95/100, a PSAT score of 1200, has taken AP & Honors classes, doesn't have many extracurricular activities and comes from New England ?
  19. I am interested in majoring in Communications, but my GPA = 2.7. I have an IEP due to ADHD. I would like a program that is much more hands-on and less classroom theory. Do you have any ideas where I should apply? I am an American student interested in schools in the US and in Canada.
  20. Are there any colleges in the western United States with services for students with learning disabilities? We live in New Mexico.
  21. My son is a senior enrolled in a private school for students with LD. He is severely dyslexic and has ADD. Can you recommend colleges suitable for him in the New England area or in Florida?
  22. My 19 year old brother has Asperger's Syndrome. He is currently a senior, with a GPA of 2.80,and an ACT score of 17. He is mainstreamed in high school. He is very intelligent and I believe he can handle college life if the class size is small. I am worried about his low ACT score. Are there schools in IL that do not have strict ACT requirements for admission?
  23. My son is a senior in high school. His SAT score is 690. What schools are available to him?

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