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The EDUFAX Educational FAQ


Question #58:
  • My GPA=C+. I have taken 4 years of French, Math, Science and English, including some AP classes, so I have taken the standard collegebound full class load. I am also on 2 swim teams, I volunteer in the community and have been working at the same place for 6 years. I am a lifeguard and teach swimming. Although I try very hard, my SAT scores are terrible (380/380). I do not test well. How do I know which colleges are prepared to help me with my LD?
Answer #58:
  • Without knowing more about your learning disability, it would be impossible to tell you what colleges would offer the kinds of accommodations you need.
    Although there are many colleges which do not consider the SAT scores when they look at an applicant's credentials, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not speak with the support services or resource people at each college you consider. Whoever helps you look for schools, whether it is your guidance counselor or an independent educational consultant, must be able to understand your educational evaluation thoroughly and find out if the supports you need are readily available at the school you choose. Otherwise, you will be simply throwing away time and money and will have a very frustrating experience at college.
    Your course load sounds quite good and your extracurricular activities are excellent. Obviously you are a well-rounded student who is trying very hard - this is really important to admissions officers and they will definitely take note of the fact that you are not a slacker.
    If you use the same dedication in your college search, you will find the college that is right for you. Don't be afraid to ask what specific services are provided at each school''s learning resource center. Visit the support center and have an interview with the people who work there when you go up to tour the college. Since these people may determine whether you sink or swim, make sure to test the waters!
    Some kids are never able to highlight their skills through the medium of standardized testing. They simply need to package all the other wonderful things about themselves in ways that catch the eyes of the admissions officers.
    Don't lose heart. Many schools look at standardized test scores as just a small part of the total presentation. If you can prove that they are the least important part of your total presentation, they will have only a small influence on your college admissions decisions.
    EDUFAX provides services for the Learning Disabled Student.
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