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The EDUFAX Educational FAQ


Question #53:
  • I have a learning disability. I did a semester program away from home. Because I work more slowly than my peers, I did not have time to finish my work while I was at the program. My grades dropped significantly from what they had been at my home school, although the curriculum was not more difficult. If I explain the circumstances to the colleges, will it improve my chances for admission?
Answer #53:
  • Do you have accommodations at your home school which were not granted to you at the semester away? If so, then you can easily explain why it was difficult for you to keep up with your work and your grades in a program which did not grant you similar accommodations.
    Even if you have no accommodations at your home school, it is easy to understand why it might be difficult for you to adapt to a new routine and new academic conditions in only one semester.
    You can explain the special circumstances in your college application by attaching a supplementary essay. Make it clear that you learned a great deal from the experience, but that problems with processing speed prevented you from showing this in your written work. It is difficult to say whether or not this will have an effect on your chances for admission, but it is always beneficial to explain unusual academic circumstances, especially when there has been an uncharacteristic drop in grades.
    EDUFAX provides services for the Learning Disabled Student.
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