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The EDUFAX Educational FAQ


Question #49:
  • My son is learning disabled. He has a processing problem. He transposes letters, has to reread lessons to comprehend, and has difficulty understanding concepts, especially math and science. He also has been diagnosed as ADHD, which, of course, makes for limited organizational skills and difficulty in focusing on tasks. Our local public school has implemented block scheduling, and I shudder to think of him having to sit in the same class for 1 1/2 hours. I intend to meet the Special Education Director. Do you have any suggestions?
Answer #49:
  • Has your son had a recent psychoeducational evaluation? Has he had a neuropsychological evaluation?
    It seems possible that he has a learning disorder known as Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD).
    This diagnosis would account for his problems with understanding math and science concepts, difficulty processing, and the need to read and reread for comprehension.
    People with NLD also suffer from lack of executive function and organizational skills and a number of other sensory and psychomotor problems that sometimes look like ADHD, but are generally related to the fact that they need to have the appropriate sensory feedback in order to be available learners.
    When you speak with the SPED director, ask what information the system has about students with profiles similar to your son's and the block system. For some learners, it is ideal, but for others, the extended class time creates distractibility and frustration.
    Make sure that you are working with people who are setting up the plans according to every nuance of your son's psychological and educational test results. If you believe that they are not responding to his needs within the public school system, insist that they hire someone to help, or that they make an outplacement, whether residential or day, to a school which can.
    EDUFAX provides services for the Learning Disabled Student.
    EDUFAX provides services for the Private School Applicant.
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