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The EDUFAX Educational FAQ


Question #32:
  • I am a ADD student in public high school. I am interested in film production, architectural drawing and computer animation. There are no classes in these subjects in my school. My grades are in the B to C range. I do not know if I am college material, but I would very much like to pursue a career in one of these fields. Where do I go from here?
Answer #32:
  • The subjects which interest you generally begin on the college level. Don't worry if you cannot take any of these courses in high school. It is important for you to have a serious discussion with the professionals who monitor your learning accommodations. I you have not yet done so, ask them to sit down and explain your ADHD to you and the ways in which it affects your learning. Make sure that you understand what you are capable of accomplishing and what kind of resource support you will need in college.
    Ask yourself if your grades are truly the best that you can produce or if you think that you could do better if you knew how to manage your time differently or had different study skills. If you think you need more help at school than you are getting, ask for it. People who have learning differences are entitled by federal law to receive many accommodations in school. Know your rights!
    Although you will be required to complete the necessary requirements for your degree, support will be available to facilitate your learning, test-taking, and assignment preparation. Since you are interested in such a specialized field, finding the right school will be probably be much easier for you if you work with a knowledgeable educational consultant.
    If you need assistance with advocacy or with college applications and college selection, check out the EDUFAX services for the Learning Disabled Student.
    EDUFAX provides services for the Collegebound High School Student.
    EDUFAX provides services for the Collegebound Learning Disabled Student.
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