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What is EDUFAX?

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Marcia Brown Rubinstien, M.A., C.E.P., is the Director of  EDUFAX®.

Marcia Rubinstien's latest publications include her groundbreaking guidebook for families with uniquely abled children:
Raising NLD Superstars: What families with nonverbal learning disorders need to know about nuturing confident, competent kids (Jessica Kingsley Publishers). [click on the title to read more]

Marcia's extensive knowledge in the area of spectrum disorders is apparent in the chapter she wrote as a guest expert for:
Employment for Individuals With Asperger's Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability: Stories and Strategies (Jessica Kingsley Publishers). [click on the title to read more]

An expert in finding appropriate schools for students with learning differences, Ms. Rubinstien wrote the description of nonverbal learning disabilities for the latest edition of Midge Lipkin's Colleges With Programs or Services for Students With Learning Disabilities (Schoolsearch). [click on the title to read more]

As Director of EDUFAX, Marcia Rubinstien works with families and students to provide individualized counseling for educational placement from pre-school through graduate school, for re-entry and adult learners, and for the American and international students. EDUFAX facilitates the perfect match by evaluating the academic, social, and personal needs of each student. Active networking with admissions professionals from schools in the USA and around the world keeps us abreast of information that is current and appropriate for each applicant.

EDUFAX offers nonjudgmental support and assistance to collegebound high school students with school list, interview prep, application forms and essays, assuring each student a tranquil transition and a solid sense of self-esteem. Special services include testing and placement for students with learning differences and placement of international applicants.

EDUFAX provides professional presentations, lectures and seminars for corporations, businesses and organizations interested in school selection, educational issues and relocation to Connecticut.

EDUFAX provides presentations, lectures, courses and seminars on transition to college, returning to school, learning disabilities, and school selection to students, parents, organizations, schools and programs. Marcia Rubinstien has trained faculty and staff to work effectively with learning disabled students in eductional settings throughout the US.

EDUFAX offers educational assessment and consultation to American & foreign schools interested in preparing students for post-secondary education in the USA. Recommendations for establishing new programs, critique of existing programs and curricula are provided. Student preparedness for standardized tests (ACT, SAT, TOEFL) and American colleges and universities is assessed.

EDUFAX provides educational consultations to American schools around the world in establishing curricula and support programs for children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities. Mrs. Rubinstien is on the Professional Advisory Board of Franklin Academy in East Haddam, CT, USA.

EDUFAX maintains the Independent School List - a non-profit free listing of private independent boarding schools in the USA.

EDUFAX provides online and e-mail educational publications [FREE]: The EDUFAX E-Newsletter is listed in the Directory of E-zines and on numerous sites on the Internet.

EDUFAX provides online educational services to:
  • Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities - an interactive site offering information, insight and support for parents of children with Learning Differences. Marcia Rubinstien is also a member of the Smartkids Professional Advisory Board and a feature contributor to the organization's newsletter.

EDUFAX publishes articles provided by the ACT, Inc.

Read excerpts from an interview Marcia Rubinstien, Director of EDUFAX, gave to Peterson's, entitled: Traditional University or Specialty School -- What's the Best Way to Develop your Talent? Budding artists, musicians, and engineering/computer whizzes must make some critical decisions about their gifts.

Read a summary of a Conference Session Presentation, Marcia Rubinstien, Director of EDUFAX, gave at the 1999 Annual Conference on Learning Disabilities, Hartford, CT, USA, entitled: Finding the Right Match: Selecting a Private School.

The EDUFAX Site has been selected by Britannica.com, as one of the best Internet sites for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability. (1/31/00).

 Read Marcia Rubinstien's detailed resume

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